We are Australia’s leading sickness accident & personal insurance experts. We take care of everything to ensure you get the right policy for your occupation at the best possible price.


Personal insurance is a 100% free advice & product placement service. We are paid by the insurance companies via commissions – we are not owned or aligned with any specific company so we choose the best insurance policy at the cheapest price.

We specialise in finding the right cover for the trade / service based self-employed to the office based or professional persons. We compare income protection insurance along with other personal insurances such as life cover, critical illness, etc to match the right policy for your individual needs and requirements. We also review your cover on an ongoing basis to ensure it stays competitive into the future.

Accident and Sickness insurance otherwise known as Income protection has to be carefully compared in terms of product features and benefits just as much as cost of premiums. We obtain around 15 quotes for income protection on average per client and ensure the policy we recommend is most appropriate for your job role and industry.

Our expertise comes from product knowledge as well as knowing which policy provider offers the best overall cost verses benefit for your specific occupation. So leave the legwork to us and get the right income protection insurance the first time.

Life Insurance

Pays a lump sum to your family or estate in the event of your premature death.

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Sickness & Accident

Essential cover for the self employed / sub contractor. Provides income while you are unable to work. We can also provide same day certificates of currency whenever required.

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Public liability

Provides protection against legal responsibility for personal injury or property damage to third parties.

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Critical illness or Trauma

Pays a lump sum of money to the insured person upon diagnosis of a serious illness or trauma event.

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Income Protection

Replaces your monthly income from your regular occupation when you are temporarily disabled and unable to work. Policies that cover you from day 1 are also available.

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